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Carnivores Unite!

We love jerky and we're pretty sure you do too! 

Here at the JG HQ, every order gets special one-on-one attention. 

We have a lot of fun here, because we love what we do, are committed to making the best Beef Jerky you've ever tasted and hopefully give you a chuckle or two while you savor every delectable bite! 

We are happy people and we believe that happiness can't help but show in our product and commitment to Customer Service. (Plus, we cost less than the other guys. But let's just keep that our little secret.)
You, our customers (friends we haven't met yet) are really, really important to us, and we won't stop until you are 100% satisfied with our meat!

Oh, and for the fellas... 
We know our site is mostly pink. 

The thing is...We REALLY like pink. 
Pink likes us. 
We are Gurls after all, and pink kind of Gurls at that. 

And OK guys, let's just be honest here. 
It's a fairly widely accepted truth that you'll do pretty much anything for a quality piece of meat. 
Including, but not limited to, making this pretty pink website one of your all time favorites.
So go ahead.... Click our Link... Like us on Facebook... Tweet how elegantly delicious our meat truly is...

You know you want too...

Give in a little...

 It won't hurt...

We promise... ;)

The Goods!
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Located in Beautiful Chico, California!

We Jerk It For You, So You Don't Have To.